MASTER OF ARTS (Sociology) - MSO

The M.A. Programme in sociology is designed to provide advanced sociological knowledge, perspectives and skills to a wide cross section of learners, including those in remote inaccessible areas. In terms of content it focuses on classical and advanced concepts and theories, research methods and perspectives, state of sociology in India, education, migration urbanization and the issues of development of the largest section of the population to address emerging concerns in contemporary society. Against this backdrop the programme aims to reflect on
  • The rapid processes of social transformation (caused by globalization, penetration of ICT, expansion of new frontiers of knowledge, paradigm shift in the development strategy, holocaust of global terrorism, resurgence of local resistance against domination, grass - roots assertion of the marginalized groups to get the share of power and development.
  • Sociology of Religion and related issues.
  • Issue involved in the process of development,
  • Diaspora and Transnational Communities.
  • Various theories, concepts and methods applied to comprehend these processes.
  • Social Process and their inter-linkages with the global, regional and local manifestations.

with this backdrop the programme aims to address the various emerging concerns of the discipline taking cognizanceof need of the students on the one hand and the cognitive ability of this discipline on the other.
  • Eligibility: Bachelor Degree or a higher degree in any discipline from a recognized university.
  • Medium: English and Hindi
  • Minimum Duration: 2 years
  • Maximum Duration: 5 Years
  • Programme Structure: This is a 64 credits programme with compulsory and elective courses. the student has to take compulsory courses worth of 32 credits in the first year and another 4 courses worth in the second year. All the courses have 8 credit weightage.