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  • The print material prepared by the University is self-instructional in nature. Each course is divided into number of Blocks. The printed materials would be sufficient to write assignment responses and prepare for the term-end examination.
  • Assignments constitute the continuous evaluation. The submission of assignments is compulsory. The Grade/Marks you get in your assignments will be counted in your result.
  • The main purpose of the assignment is to test your comprehension of the learning material you receive from us and also to help you get through the courses.
  • Assignments are uploaded on the site www.ignou.ac.in from the month of Jan.
Last date for submission of assignments
  •  January-June Semester: 31st March
  • July-December Semester: 31st October
  • A Student will be allowed to appear in the Term-End Examination, only after he/she has submitted all the assignments.

  • Another component of the evaluation system is the term-end examination.
  • The University conducts the term-end examination twice in a year i.e. in June and in December.
  • If you fail to get D grade in the term end examination of the particular course, you will be eligible to reappear in the next term end examination for the same course.
  • To be eligible to appear at the term end examination in any course, you are required to fulfill the following conditions:
  •  You should have registered (opted) for the respective courses.
  • You should have submitted all the assignments for the respective courses.
  • You should have submitted the examination form in time.
  •  You need to fill the exam form at Open Minds International Office.
  • An Examination fee* is SGD 15 per course.
  • *Example: If you are filling form for 4 subjects then exam fee will be 15*4= 60 SGD
  •  Note: Kindly be careful in writing your enrollment number and subject code while filling the exam form. Any mistake in writing the enrollment number or course code will result in non – declaration of your result.