Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)

This awareness level practical oriented programme provides some strategies for teaching mathematics to children in a way will make them feel positive about it. The Programme is aimed at pre-primary and primary school teachers, as well as parent of young children. Its basic objectives are to help primary school teachers to critically look at their mathematics teaching strategies and after them to suit their students background; to refresh these teachers about children's learning processes in the context of mathematics learning; and to make the discourse of mathematics teaching available to a wider section of society by exposing them to the need for giving a meaning and context while learning or teaching mathematical concepts, processes and skills. A special component of his programme is a 2-credit project. This is a chance for the learner to actively engage with young children to see how they acquire mathematics.
  • Eligibility: 10 Pass/ working Nursery, Primary or Elementary teachers or Passed AMT under Associate studentship Scheme.
  • Medium : English
  • Minimum Duration : 6 Months
  • Maximum Duration : 2 Years
  • Programme Structure: the Programme consist of 16 Credits