Bachelor's Preparatory Programme (BPP)

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Certificate in Foods and Nnutrition(CFN)

CFN is basically a Post Literacy level awareness programme meant for people with basic reading and writing skills. the programme aims to acquaint the learner with the role of food in ensuring healthy living for the individual, family and community.

It includes features like food selection and preparation, nutrition from infancy to old age, economics of food, kitchen gardening, food adulteration, consumer rights, safety and education, etc. Read More..

Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)

CHR it has been designed specifically to sensitize and educate professionals and workers who, as a part of their routine duty, interact with masses daily. Besides general students, specific target groups include law enforcement personnel (police, army, paramilitary forces) and functionaries of the lower judiciary and administrative officers, primary school teachers and NGO functionaries. In preparing the course material, special care has been taken to address the concerns raised by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at the time of launching of the UN Decade for Human Rights Education. Read More..

Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)

CIT programme which not only imparts fundamentals of Computer Systems and Information Technology but also introduces advanced technologies such as Multimedia and Internet. This Programme is also having a dedicated practical course. Students get hands on experience in the areas of Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Presentation Tools, Databases and Web Site Development. One of the highlights of this programme is that student also learn Programming using 'C' Language. They will also learn Internet Programming. . Read More..

Certificate in Guidance (CIG)

CIG is a joint project of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) This Programme would enable the participants to:
  1. Develop and understanding of child development and individual differences in the context of the educational processes
  2. Develop an understanding of the concepts and Processes involved in guiding elementary school childeren for learning and socio - emotional development.
  3. identify childeren with special needs and problems.
  4. suggest intervention strategies for parents, teachers, social workers, volunteers and other adults to facilitate all round development of childeren

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Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)

This Programme of study would be of tremendous relevance and use to all those who need to who have the knowledge, understanding and skills, both with regard to Nutrition and Child Development.

The Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care is specifically vocational in nature, opening avenues for employment as well as self - employment. Doing a programme of this nature, combining knowledge and skill development in the areas of Nutrition and Early Childhood Care and Education would make the learner uniquely qualified to take up jobs as functionaries with Government and Non - Government organisations working for women and children. Read More..

Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)

The Programme aims at creating an overall awareness and training on Consumer affairs with special emphasis on Consumer Protection.

After going through this programme the students can be consumer activists, work in industries, NGOs and government departments on consumer affairs. They can file and plead cases in Consumer Protection Courts. Read More..

Certificate in Teaching of English as Second Language (CTE)

This Programme is based on the communicative approach to language teaching and is designed to enhance the teachers understanding of the learners, the learning process, and the nature and structure of the English Language.

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Certificate in Health Care Waste Management (CHCWM)

The concern for bio-medical waste management has been felt globally with indiscriminate disposal of health care waste and the rise in deadly infections such as AIDS, Hepatitis-B. the need to educate different health care professionals / workers about health care waste management is thus very important.

To cater to the needs of these health care professionals, the school of Health Sciences, IGNOU and Who, Searo have developed a Certificate Programme in Health Care Waste Management in the South East Asia Region Countries.

The Programme aims to:
  1. Sensitize the learners about health care waste and its impact on our health and environment.
  2. Acquaint the learner about the existing legislation, knowledge and practices regarding health care waste management practices in South East Asia Region countries.
  3. Equip the learner with skills to manage health care waste effectively and safely.
  4. For hands on training, a contact session of 6 Days is conducted in the identified programme study centre's (PSCs)

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Certificate in Health Tourism Studies (CTS)

The Programme is aimed at familiarising you with varied aspects of Tourism, creating awareness about Tourism, imparting basic training in organising Tourism services and opening career oppertunities. It consist of two courses of eight credits each. Read More..

Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)

This awareness level practical oriented programme provides some strategies for teaching mathematics to children in a way will make them feel positive about it.

The Programme is aimed at pre-primary and primary school teachers, as well as parent of young children. Its basic objectives are to help primary school teachers to critically look at their mathematics teaching strategies and after them to suit their students background; to refresh these teachers about children's learning processes in the context of mathematics learning; and to make the discourse of mathematics teaching available to a wider section of society by exposing them to the need for giving a meaning and context while learning or teaching mashematical concepts, processes and skills.. Read More..

Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)

CDM Programme aims at providing knowledge to the learner in the areas of disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation, relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation.

The Programme is of use to NGO functionaries and volunteers; military, para-military, police, home guards, civil defence personnel; professionals such as-Geologists, Scientists, Meterologists, Engineers, Foresters, Fire-service personnel, Administrators, Government and Public Sector Undertakings officials, Rural Development Functionaries; Urban Government Officials; Primary Health Centres Functionaries; etc Read More..